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— Kate, Bury St Edmunds

“I have been a customer of Roxy’s for the last 3 years following the recommendation from a friend. From my initial consultation Roxy was friendly,very easy to get along with and I could tell immediately was extremely professional in her work.

She made me feel comfortable at all times through my treatments, explaining everything clearly and proving her excellence when it came to detail such as brow colour,size and shape. I LOVE MY EYEBROWS!!

I would highly recommend Roxy for creating the perfect eyebrow for any individual. A BIG BIG thank you Roxy and please don’t ever give up your job!! ”

Roxanne Runce

Roxanne Runce has worked in the beauty industry for 16 years; her artistic and technical training has resulted in the highest standards of work.  As well as working at The Lodge Clinic, Roxanne also has monthly/6 monthly visits at clinics in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex.


Permanent Makeup


Permanent cosmetics are ideal for active men and women, those needing correction, people with allergies to make up, contact lenses wearers, alopecia sufferers and those looking for a natural or glamorous look!


Permanent make up is a process where by pharmaceutical grade pigments are inserted into the dermal upper layer of skin. Sterilised encapsulated cartridges are used to ensure the highest safety standards. The make up enhances facial features such as eyebrows, eyes, and lips you can look good 24/7!

Lips: the lip treatment can be used in many ways ..

  • Adds fullness, Size and shape and symmetry altered

  • Restores Youthfulness to lips, Emphasing outline

  • Lipstick bleed is eliminated

  • A lip liner can give you a natural or defined outline to put back their natural contour.

  • A lip blush defines the lip line with added soft shading towards the centre of the lip.

  • A full lip creates a lipstick look an overall lip colour.


Eyebrows: this will enhance your eyes and whole facial expression.

  • Great for alopecia sufferers

  • Thin or sparse eyebrows

  • Gives symmetry to face

  • Create a `lifting effect`

  • Youthful appearance

  • Great for people who draw eyebrows everyday


There are two ways to create a complete eyebrow, either using the 3d hair stroke effect that produces a hair like strokes to mimic hairs, or a powdered brow which is shading colour in the skin to achieve an appearance of a more defined made up look.


Eyes are great for everyone.

  • Allergic to conventional make up

  • Contours eyes

  • Gives a wider awake look

  • Gives appearance of more lashes

  • No more smudging eyeliners

  • Contact lenses wearers


An eyelash enhancement is pigment into the lash line to add more depth to eye; additional shading can be added to achieve a bolder look. Dimension is created by adding more colours to the outer edges and tapering to the middle of the eye. You can also accomplish intense Latino eyeliner to the top of the eye for a glamorous look!


Beauty spot

  • A dot so natural and very popular just above the lip or high on the cheekbone

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